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A Ribbon through the Woods

This morning, we had visitors who were making their first journey across Route 6. We get many people stopping in who are driving the scenic road, but today’s couple was a little different. This couple was new to Pennsylvania and our woodsy landscape.

They had begun their journey in Erie and had made it to us so far on their journey. Those of you doing the math and geography know that's not far in the grand scheme of Route 6 (also known as the Grand Army of the Republic Highway). They had only come a short way and were just gushing with excitement over what they had seen already. The lilt in their voices and the sparkle in their eyes only increased when we gave them maps, books, and brochures of what lay ahead. Hiking trails, the Kinzua Bridge, the Pennsylvania Lumber Museum, the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon…the list goes on and on. (Travel information is our jam, so stop in and see how we can help you!)

Locals take the road daily and often don’t bat an eye to the rolling hills. Sometimes it takes a tourist to remind us what we have here and how spectacular it is. I told them they had to repeat their journey in the fall when the leaves are at peak, and they happily said they would do that.

What stuck with me the most was when the woman said, “Route 6 is like a ribbon going through the woods.” The simile is perfect. Route 6 curves around like a decorative ribbon on a Christmas present. The next time you are traveling Route 6 (or any of Pennsylvania’s scenic roads for that matter), remember the gift that is Pennsylvania and the ribbons that decorate it.

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