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Amish Cabinets, Furniture, & Sheds, Made right here in Warren County!

As many locals will tell you, the Amish Community are very talented when it comes to carpentry. It is not uncommon to look out of my office window and see an Amish buggy traveling down Route 6 as they are often traveling back from a day's work of perhaps putting a new roof on someone's house or a variety of other carpentry jobs. They are friendly people who will also give a wave or a nod to passerby's but also prefer their privacy. We respect their privacy and beliefs including not taking any photographs of them. They have however, given us their blessing to photograph their horse and buggies on several occasions and we are grateful that they also gave us their blessing to photograph some of the furniture and sheds that they make. Travel to Stillwater Road in Sugar Grove, and you will see signs marking where several Amish Craftsmen are located. Amish cupboards that were made by one of these craftsmen on Stillwater Rd are shown in the attached photo and are of very good quality that will likely last for generations to come. Down the road

custom made trim is also made to the highest standard. Travel to Page Hollow Road in Sugar Grove and you will find Amish built sheds and furniture. We have so many talented people in Warren County including the Amish Community. Take a ride to the northern part of Warren County and look for the signs along the road marking the many talented Amish craftsmen. You won't find furniture, cabinets, or sheds like these in any big box stores! Once again, Warren County offers well made and affordable products!

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