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An Amazing recollection of Kinzua the Village

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

From near and far we receive many visitors here at the Warren County Visitors Bureau with some pretty amazing stories! I have often shared some of those stories in my Facebook posts, with our visitors permission of course! Today James and Betty Dowd who live in Warren County stopped in to visit. At 90 years old, James has lived an interesting life. James moved to the village of Kinzua to live with his grandmother during the great depression. For those that aren't familiar with Kinzua, it was a village that was razed to make room for the Kinzua Dam. James stated that the location of his former house that he returned to build as an adult, is now 120 feet under the water! He said that if you were to stand on Morrison Bridge and look out over the water, this was where Kinzua was located. James had fond memories of going to Halloween costume balls and dances at the Kinzua Presbyterian Church and attending the Kinzua School. His grandparents owned an ice cream parlor in a building that he helped construct in the main part of town. James stated that he has traveled to many places, but Kinzua was the most beautiful place that he has ever seen. James also told me about his visit to the World Fair in 1939 in New York. He had seen the introduction of the television on his visit! James stated that soon after World War 2 began, and that the release of the television was tabled for awhile after that. It was truly something to look at the laminated photos of Kinzua that I have on display here at the Visitors Center

and have James bring them to life with his memories. Thank you James and Betty for an unforgettable visit!

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