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It's never too late to get into shape on the trails in Warren County

Being a lifelong resident of Warren County, I thought that I knew every corner of it. I was soooo wrong!! I have always enjoyed taking leisurely walks around the county, especially in the woods, but I had never truly payed attention to all of my options. With Warren County being surrounded by the Allegheny National Forest, there are many. I think there are many like me who may not be in prime physical condition. I am not getting any younger and am now feeling a good many muscles that I didn't know that I had before! I have made it my personal goal to check out all of the trails that our area has to offer, after all, how can I give someone coming into the Warren County Visitors Bureau good advice if I am not very familiar with them? Some trails require higher endurance that I and many others are not ready for yet. There are many trails that are on flat land and don't require too much physical endurance. A good example would be the short loop at Hearts Content, the trails at Chapman State Park, or the bike trail that runs through North Warren off of Route 62. There is also a simple walking trail in Warren's Crescent Park. I have recently tried the Rim Rock Trail and the Morrison Trail as well. The Rim Rock Trail wasn't too bad, but I would recommend starting at the Kinzua Beach end of the trail to avoid the return walk being uphill. Live and learn!! lol! The Morrison Trail offered beautiful views as did the Rim Rock Trail but it was much longer. I wasn't quite ready to walk the entire short loop of Morrison which would have been nearly 6 miles. I walked about 1 hour and 45 minutes in to the trail and then another 1 hour and 45 minutes back. That's not to bad for myself anyway. I am hoping to build my endurance even though I can't turn back the clock to a time when it would of been much easier to do. I can however, do my best to stay in shape and enjoy all of the beauty that Warren County has to offer in the process. Do you have a favorite hiking trail in Warren County?

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