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Pet Treats made right here in Warren County, PA.

We have been covering many everyday items that are made locally. I recently had the pleasure of touring Targeted Pet Treats right here in Warren. Greg Austin, President of Targeted Pet Treats, was gracious enough to not only give me a tour, but tell me all about Targeted Pet Treats history and it's accomplishments. Prior to working at Targeted Pet Treats, Greg worked for Milk Bone. As a owner of two dogs himself, Greg believes in making healthy chews that dogs will love right here in Warren County. While touring the factory, the first impressions that I had were how clean the building was and how very friendly the staff was as well! Targeted Pet Treats employs many Warren County residents and is a staple in Warren County's workforce employing approximately 300 people. In the year 2000, when the former "Moldsmiths" started making dog chews, they were renamed "Targeted Pet Treats". The business has changed ownership since. Targeted Pet Treats produces approximately 15 million dog treats a month! Wow! The dog chews that they produce are sold all over the world and at many businesses such as Petco, PetSmart, Chewie, and Wal-Mart. Targeted even created it's own brand during the Covid pandemic to be assured that everyone's beloved canines didn't run out of their dental chews. They created "Andy & Audie" named after director Andy Teconchuk and his dog, Audie, sold at stores such as Ace Hardware, right here in Warren County. Targeted also owns the brand Chewsday, and they manufacture several other well known name brand vet approved dental chews. They have been the recipient of several awards. Greg himself has graced the cover of Petfood Industry magazine.

I would like to thank Greg for the tour and allowing me to take these photos to share with you all. I would also like to thank all of the employees in the office and on the floor for their friendly greetings and for taking the time to show me how the manufacturing process works. It was great to showcase another great product made right here in Warren County, PA!

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C Wenzel
C Wenzel
Feb 21, 2023

We are so very fortunate to find 'community' at every corner in Warren County.

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