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Craft Beer Made Right Here in Warren, PA.

In much of December, we posted many things on our Facebook page that are made right here in Warren County, PA. We hope to continue to spread the word of the many things that are made in Warren County including craft beer! Breweries are a growing trend and Warren County is no exception. Warren is home to Bent Run Brewing Company and Wicked Warren's. Consumers are enjoying the many flavors of ale that breweries have to offer. I recently paid a visit to Bent Run Brewing Company. Phil & Denise Caudill started their business in the local community of Lander. They started out with a stove top kettle and have expanded to the vast and growing business that is located along the Allegheny River. Recently, they have won award for their Peach Cream Ale. This isn't the first award that they have won and we are sure it won't be the last! They transformed the building that they are currently in from an old storage area to the popular pub that it is today. They now offer live music and pay back the community they love with several local fundraising events. They also offer great food such as their famous "mountain pies". Wicked Warren's has a very interesting backstory to it. If you check out Wicked Warren's website, the story can be told in full. Wicked Warren's is in the heart of the Warren business district. Many nights they offer live music and even trivia night, alongside their craft beer. According to their website, Wicked Warren's was named after a wicked local man who ran a brewery on the west side of the Allegheny river on Pennsylvania Avenue in Warren in the early1800's. Werner Muller "Wicked Warren" came from a family of generations of brewers from Germany. The article on the Wicked Warren's website is a very interesting read indeed! If you are interested in joining the Brewing community, Hickory Creek Brewing located on Pennsylvania Avenue East in Warren offers supplies and can give you some guidance to brewing your own ale

. It is exciting to see new businesses in Warren County that are thriving due to demand of their product. If you haven't stopped in to these businesses, stop in and see what all of the excitement is about. Craft beer is another great product made right here in Warren County! Thank you goes out to Phil and Denise at Bent Run Brewing Co. for the tour of where the magic of their tasty ale is made. Please enjoy the behind the scenes photos!

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