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Family and fur-family for a smile!

On this Thursday morning, it was a great pick-me-up to receive a visit from my cousin, Cheryl, and her furry companions, Molly, Quinn, and Roo! I enjoyed watching the wonder and curiosity of the dogs and got in a good old fashioned belly laugh when Molly, the Chocolate Lab, barked at the taxidermist bear that we have! The fur on her back went right up because she thought that it just might be real! Quinn, the yellow lab, found the kitchen easily enough! And Roo, the Pugle, loved Mary and couldn't get enough attention! I look forward to getting more visitors, furry and not furry, as the weather continues to get nicer. They gave Dave, Mary, and myself smiles to go around. Thank you Cheryl, Molly, Quinn, and Roo for the morning smiles!

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