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Finding My Adventure

I’ve been at the Warren County Visitors Bureau for 2 months now but have lived in Warren County most of my life. I’ve always thought it was pretty, but, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to appreciate the beauty more.

We’ve been using the tagline “Find your Adventure. Find your Peace.” It seems perfectly fitting for Warren County. So many adventurous things to do (mountain-biking, water-skiing, hiking, sled-riding, kayaking, and on and on), but, more up my alley, is the peacefulness of the nature and small towns. All it takes is a park bench along the river, and my soul is relaxed. I’ve historically been a cautious person. Adventure hasn’t necessarily been my thing. But, again, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that most (legal and not obviously death-defying) things are worth trying once. Within reason, of course.

When I went to Elijah Run to snap some pictures of the peaceful scenery, I happened upon a woman who was walking toward the water with her paddle board under her arm. I approached her, introduced myself as with the Warren County Visitors Bureau, and asked if she minded if I take her picture. Thankfully, she said it was fine. Then she caught me off guard and said, “Do you want to try it?” Without thinking much, I excitedly replied, “Really?!?” When she confirmed it, I began to slip back into my cautious nature and wondered if it was a wise thing to do. I wasn’t dressed for it. I was sure I would get dunked (I can be fairly clumsy and have a bum knee). I then remembered our slogan, “Find your Adventure…” I hiked up my pants, took off my socks and shoes, put my phone, camera, and keys on the shore, and made my way to the board.

She first had me sit to feel the water underneath me. I managed to keep from falling in despite my wobbles. She asked if I wanted to try it on my knees. Um, OK… She held the board as I clumsily swayed back and forth and told me to just sit if I felt too wobbly. That wouldn’t work for me as my previously mentioned bum knee doesn’t bend all the way. Once I paddled successfully a bit on my knees, she suggested I try to stand. Oh boy. “Find your Adventure…” I decided if I go in, I go in and have a great story to tell my family. I pictured myself walking into the house looking like a drowned rat in my clothes and seeing the look on my husband’s face and climbed aboard with a giggle.

Somehow, I managed to not fall in, which was more than a small miracle. Not only that, but I was able to paddle around a bit. I didn’t venture too far from shore. OK, I stayed really close. But I did it.

I found my adventure.

When I got off the board, I thanked her profusely telling her that she made my day. She was so nice and encouraging before she hopped on the board. I snapped pictures as she paddled her way far away from shore making it look effortless. She found her adventure AND her peace all in one activity. And I found myself pricing paddle boards when I got home.

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