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Get your children out for a memorable adventure in Warren County's Great Outdoors!

Often times, it's easy for residents of Warren County to take the natural beauty that surrounds us for granted. I myself ,as a lifelong resident, have found myself doing just that. I have also found that it is never too late to take advantage of the local trails, overlooks, and wildlife that Warren County has to offer. Growing up in Warren County, I remember my Dad quite frequently taking me for a ride with a spotlight to check out the many deer that come out at night in a good many farmers fields, hiking in the woods, camping out in the Allegheny National Forest, swimming, fishing, and catching lightening bugs

. Dad would even take my sister and I to watch the bears at the old Grunderville dump. I will always treasure those memories and encourage all of the parents and grandparents out there to do the same for their children. Warren County is the perfect place to give your children that memorable adventure. In a time with cell phones and so many hand held devices, it might be a little more challenging, but it will always be worth it. Give your kids an outdoor adventure! Your children and grandchildren will carry those great memories with them through adulthood and remember them fondly!

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