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It feels like Friday the 13th!

My husband and I went to see First Jason this past Saturday night and let me tell you, Ari Lehman, who played the very first Jason Voorhees in the Friday the 13th movies, knows how to entertain! Ari was also wonderful with his fans including children who wanted his autograph. He was sure to come out and socialize with the audience before and after his concert. We had the pleasure of listening to a talented and upcoming band as well that opened for First Jason, by the name of "Deception". For everyone who has watched Friday the 13th part 1, Ari shared that the water really wasn't cold and he very much enjoyed playing his role of Jason in the movie. I would like to thank Charlie Kox of Allegheny Antiques, pictured here with Ari, for bringing amazing talent to Warren County and thank you to the Days Inn of Warren for hosting it. I can't wait to see who Charlie brings to Warren County next.

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