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My Love Letter to Warren County

Recently, I had another reminder of why I had chosen to remain in Warren County when I graduated high school many years ago and stay to raise my children as well. Valentine's Day is upon us, a day when we think about the people that we love. I love my family more than anything and the next thing that I love is of course, Warren County and the people who call it home. Growing up here, I thought that every place must have great forests and neighborly people and I like most children didn't grasp what a great life I had. While I love the Allegheny National Forest, the beautiful historical homes, the beautiful Allegheny River that I grew up taking a row boat out on and the innertubes too, sitting by the creek with my thoughts, and learning about all of the interesting history involving Warren County, I love the people of Warren County more than the beautiful nature that it provides. Have you ever watched the old time shows such as Mayberry, Little House On the Prairie, or the movie "Its a Wonderful Life"? If you have you may remember how in times of hardship, the citizens came together when one of them was in need. They were always there to help one another as neighbors should. Recently, my family truly needed that. My family had a health crisis and Warren County did not disappoint! Whether it be prayers, cards, phone calls, visits, coming to my house and moving all of my bedroom furniture downstairs, picking up my daughter from school, this community really showed it's giving spirit! If you are ever considering a more simple life that is not that of a fast paced city, please consider calling Warren County home. There is something to be said for living in a place that is there for you in a crisis, having people address you by your name when you go in the bank or store, and being able to take a walk in the woods or sit by the creek with only your thoughts. I know why through seven generations, my family has continued to call Warren County home. Whether it be for a short visit, extended stay, or a more permanent move, Warren County will welcome you!

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