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Scandia, a place where time stands still

Throughout my lifetime, I've taken several rides through Scandia. I remember my grandfather's many stories of the farm he grew up on and the lifelong friends he made in Scandia as my dad took us for weekly rides through Scandia. I took a drive through Scandia last Saturday morning and imagined it through the eyes of a visitor to Warren County. It occurred to me how much time has stood still in Scandia and with it, it's natural charm. The Scandia School is still as it was, but it is now a museum. The beautiful White Church is also still unchanged, as well as the Scandia Store with it's wooden floors. There are still plenty of Family Farms passed down through generations as far as the eye can see. I had the pleasure of visiting Dove Lane Furniture with it's beautiful handmade pieces along with their Airbnb

and The Shed, with it's very own museum that includes antique cars along with a gift shop of beautiful and unique items. I also had the pleasure of visiting Red Oaks Campground for their Chainsaw Carve. Scandia is a hidden treasure in Warren County and a reminder of a time when life wasn't so complicated. Thanks for the memories Scandia!!

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