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Spend an afternoon on the rails at Oil Creek & Titusville Railroad

I spent yesterday with my family taking a beautiful scenic ride on the Oil Creek & Titusville Railroad. I wanted a unique gift for my husband on Fathers Day, and this really was the perfect gift! Not only did we get a relaxing and scenic train ride, but we learned some very interesting history involving the railroad and area. We learned much information about several communities in the area that no longer exist that were part of the oil boom such as Funkville. We received a great deal of information on the area's history from a local historian, Rod, that has been educating passengers for 35 years on the area. He pointed out traces of roads and railroads that have been long gone and even an empty lot that once was the location of a hotel that had burned down in the late nineteenth century. Former president Ulysses S. Grant had left two days prior to this hotel being destroyed by fire, which was a very close call for our former president indeed! Did you know that several petroleum based products use petroleum from this area such as Crayola Crayons and that Native Americans once used the petroleum for medicinal purposes? As we were looking out of the train window, with Rod's help, we could visualize all of the small communities and pioneers that existed so many, many years ago in the very same area. Thank you to Rod and all of the friendly and helpful staff at Oil Creek & Titusville Railroad for making Fathers Day so special for my husband! Add a ride on the Oil Creek & Titusville Railroad to your to-do list this summer. You won't regret it!!

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