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Those Darn Chairs

When we excitedly posted pictures of the first chairs to line the 4th of July parade route, most people responded with joy and reminiscence. There were, of course, a few that rolled their eyes, saying it was silly, trying to rain on our proverbial and literal parade. That made me pause to think. Is it silly? It may sound like it to an outsider. As someone who grew up around here, I thought that was just what happened when a parade was coming up. I moved away for a couple of years and discovered that wasn’t the case. It was great to move back home and see it again.


So, why does Warren County do this “silly” tradition?


Many people put their chair out as soon as the official 72-hour mark hits, and, for the next couple of days, chairs pop up like dandelions along Pennsylvania Avenue. People do it to get a front row spot, a shady spot, the spot they go to every year…


Why? Because they’re excited!


Look around Warren County at any point in the year and you will see US flags, patriotic bumper stickers, and veterans proudly wearing hats that show their service. Warren is a passionately patriotic county, and the 4th of July is the epitome of that reverence and joy. Our parade has been going strong for an impressive 76 years to the point it is now the 4th largest in the state. Generations have experienced it. Older generations took their kids to the parade, who now take their kids to the parade. It’s what we do. Of course, people are excited about it. Nostalgic memories flood our minds as we remember sitting with our grandparents, walking with the boy scouts as children, making a float for our favorite organization, baking in the sun and getting a cold water from an open store or restaurant.


Boy, are we lucky.


Not only do we live in an area where people get so excited about the 4th of July that the city literally had to make a law restricting when you can put them out, but we also live in an area where you can be pretty sure no one is going to steal your chair as it sits for days right along the curb. You can’t say that about every community. In fact, I would be willing to go out on a limb and say that you can’t say that about most communities.


The excitement for the 4th of July is as noticeable as the humidity. When you see the chairs begin to sprout, be thankful. Be thankful for our freedoms. Be thankful for those who sacrificed for us. Be thankful for our patriotic and safe community. Be thankful for the volunteers who make it all happen.


Gaughn's Drug Store

Those darn chairs are a symbol. Heck, you can even purchase a shirt or a hat with a lawn chair on it at local shops. Whether or not you think they are silly, be thankful for those darn chairs.

By Casey Ferry

Warren County Visitors Bureau executive director

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댓글 2개

The parade is always wonderful. The last few years my family from Philly has been coming and the young ones love it. I'm sad because there weren't many marching bands like there used to be. I remember the days of after the parade we went to the field on Lexington for drum and bugle competition. Loved them. Great memories. And the fireworks 🎆 were good too.


C Wenzel
C Wenzel
5 days ago

We hope the chairs, or the 'silly' traditions never disappear.

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