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Warren County and the Allegheny River's rich history

I had the pleasure of attending a program sponsored by the Warren County Historical Society with historian Ellen Putnam Paquette. Ellen is the daughter of well known local historians, Chase Putnam and Mary Putnam. The Putnam family was gracious enough to share their rare vintage photo collection of Warren County along with much knowledge that they have acquired through generations of family members. Like myself, Ellen is a seventh generation local resident. Ellen told the story of each photo on her slide show, and over 100 people that were present were taken back in time and given a whole new appreciation on how the early settlers made our county what it is today. Ellen shared photos and stories of the early days when the Allegheny River was not only for recreation, but also for the early transportation of goods, as well. She also showed photos and told stories of the early railroad system, as well as some of Warren County's earliest residents. Thank you so much to the Warren County Historical Society and the Putnam family. Without people like you, the rich history of our county would be lost forever.

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