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Warren County is Patriotic

Did you know that Warren County ranks 4th in the State of Pennsylvania as being home to the most Veterans? Just watch our Fourth of July Parade that draws people not only from Warren County, but from more than a few states away! Look at the celebrations given in our Veterans honor by organizations such as Blues Star Mothers of Kinzua PA203 as well as the American Flag flying all over in town and country both. The Blue Star Mothers recently held a very special dinner to honor Warren County's Vietnam Veterans. Senator Scott Hutchinson, Congressman Glenn Thompson, PA State Representative Kathy Rapp, and Warren's Mayor, David Wortman attended and all gave their heartfelt appreciation. I was honored to be in attendance and listen to all of them thank our Veterans personally. With Memorial Day and Warren's Fourth of July Celebrations coming up soon, Warren County is a wonderful place to celebrate what these holiday's truly mean to America. Warren County welcomes you to come join us!

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