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Amish Communities

Amish buggy LC.jpeg

     The Amish continue to embody the simple life and have made Warren County their home for many years, particularly in the Sugar Grove and Lander areas. The clip-clop of the horses pulling the buggies can be heard on the country roads and even on the larger routes. Please drive carefully and feel free to give a friendly wave which will almost certainly be returned in-kind.

     The Amish are an integral part of Warren County's community and economy where they are known to provide solid workmanship, beautiful carpentry, hardy lumber, delicious baked goods, and homegrown produce that can be purchased by all. 

     While their quaint buggies, simple yet large homesteads, and sprawling farms make for beautiful images, the Amish are not spectacles. Please respect their humble lifestyle by refraining from photographing their faces. 

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