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Welcome to Sugar Grove

     Like most other areas in Warren County, Sugar Grove is rich in history. Founded in 1802 by the Revolutionary War Veterans, Sugar Grove was named for it’s beautiful maple forest covering the valley and surrounding hills. Frederick Douglas (a historically famous freedman abolitionist and writer) once made a visit to Sugar Grove during the Sugar Grove Anti-Slavery Convention in 1854. Many abolitionists from all over the country traveled to Sugar Grove with the goal of helping fugitive slaves to escape, as well as ending slavery altogether. To this day, underground railroad systems are still being discovered in Victorian houses in Sugar Grove. A self-guided driving tour can provide a glimpse of homes and the countryside where fugitive slaves and abolitionists thrived prior to the Civil War, all from the comfort of your vehicle.

     Sugar Grove is also home to Stateline Speedway (residing half in Sugar Grove, PA and half in Busti, NY). Racing enthusiasts love to visit Stateline Speedway for weekly thrilling amateur racing competition. Be sure to wear eye protective gear if you visit this speedway, due to the dirt tracks and cars racing at high speeds.

     Experience the hometown feel of Sugar Grove. Be sure to enjoy a nice meal at one of the local restaurants. Please be aware of the large Amish community in the area and the slow trotting horse and buggies that click-clack through town on a steady basis.

Sugar Grove
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Cynthia Catlin Miller
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